You will pay a high cost if viewing the goal of marketing as “selling more things, to more people, more often, for more money”. The goal of marketing is to create a product that sells, not to sell a product.
Brand identity amplifies differentiation. What makes you choose one brand over the other? Is it the taste? Maybe. What about Pepsi and Coca-Cola? Is your brand the first that comes to mind when someone wants to buy…
Living in a fast-paced digital world where consumers constantly shuttle devices, touch-points, channels and platforms. To keep your brand relevant, always in touch with customers. It is the time to integrate traditional media with new ways of reaching customers.
Statement of Clarification:
No connection between C Media Advertising Limited and CMAD Group

It has recently come to our attention that our clients and business partners have confused “CMAD Group” to be C Media Advertising Limited; and mistaken Mr. Matthew Chan Kim Ming as our company’s director.

We are highly concerned of the issue and we hereby declare that we, C Media Advertising Limited, does not have any relationship with CMAD Group and Mr. Matthew Chan.

We urge your caution to avoid misunderstanding due to the similarity of our website domain with the other entity’s name.

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31 May 2019